Dan O’Hanlon
New Wind Rising Farm
729 9th Ave. #86
Huntington, WV 25701

I’m getting old and ready to retire at age 70!

For almost 10 years I have worked hard with other queen breeders to develop a queen with all the known mite-resistant behaviors. Thanks to the excellent work done by Dr. Marla Spivak, Sue Cobey, Dave Miksa, Drs. Harbo and Harris and especially Dr. Greg Hunt and Krispn Given at Purdue University, my dream has come true. And I have shipped over 1,000 of these queens all over the United States these past few years.

But now it’s time for me to step back and hand the work on to the next group of great queen breeders. Due to an overwhelming bunch of pre-orders I am already SOLD OUT of queens and nucs for the 2018 season.

So PLEASE go to the Breeders tab at this website and order what you want from the excellent queen breeders listed there.

Thanks again for all your orders and for being on the front line of beekeeping! – Dan




This is Lisa G. I had the opportunity to purchase Ankle biter queens from you last year. I am extremely pleased with the results. My first Varroa test of 2017 was 0 mites per 300 bees using an alcohol wash. How does that happen? 🙂

I am writing today to get on your waiting list for 2 more ankle biter queens. I understand that what you have on hand now are spoken for but I’m not in a hurry. As I noted above mine are doing fine, I just want to keep it that way. My goal is get more of the ankle biter genes into the general bee population.

I appreciate everything you are doing to fight the Varroa invasion.

Lisa G.

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to let you know the girls came through winter and our strange spring of warm for a month, then freezing, then warm again. The Purdue’s are going gang busters and I split it once (moved the queen out so I don’t lose her) and I think I’m going to need to do a second split on them. The Mountain bees are good too.

Best regards,
Amy M.

Hi Dan,

Hope you had a good winter and your bees did well. I just want to report that the one queen of yours that I have made it through our Northern Vermont winter and is doing very well. I am so impressed how gentle her offspring are, even during overcast and rainy days. Are all your queens gentle? I need no smoke and I might not (have not tried yet), a veil.  I would like to purchase two more queens if you do any grafting this summer. I am so impressed with your West Virginia Ankle Bitter queens I now want their genes in my general bee pool, which I have started already with drones from the one I already have.

Paul Y


Dan marked each of the queens with a lovely yellow dot. Now EVERYONE can find a queen, not just Maggie.
I was really amazed at the quality packing job from Dan O’Hanlon. They were packed to deal with FedEx and a three day long trip. When we opened the box there seemed to be five full cups of nurse bees, an huge piece of fondant, and a nice water source.


Hi , Dan, I obtained a couple MM Italians from you back in early May. I want to tell you how much i love these bees! They are so beautiful– golden yellow bodies and the most gentle, manageable temperament we have had in the yard in a dozen years.
I was not planning on messing with them, but they built up so strong that i made two small splits in June–both made their own queens and have good populations. Everybody is getting ready for winter now.

So thank you for the blessing your queens have been in my bee-yard. I’ll let you know how the bees do by next spring, if we are still here.
God bless your life, Dan.