Dan O’Hanlon
New Wind Rising Farm
729 9th Ave. #86
Huntington, WV 25701

Purdue “Ankle-biter” Queens – they chew the legs off of varroa mites which have been groomed from fellow bees. $40 plus UPS overnight shipping charges.

Mite Mauler Italian Redline Queens – they chew the bodies of mites and kill them dead! Open mated queen daughters are $35 plus UPS Overnight shipping charges.

Mountain Queens – a cross between all the different types of bees I raise. They are open-mated so they also have SMR, VSH, Palmer, Canadian Buckfast and ankle-biter genetics in them. $35 plus UPS overnight shipping charges.

VSH Queens – I have daughters from Dr. John Harbo’s VSH Breeder Queens. I told Dr. Harbo I would be willing to ship these open-mated daughter queens. He thinks that 50% VSH is the correct amount for regular hives wanting mite control through VSH. I have also added VSH Breeder queens from Adam Finkelstein’s VP Breeder queens. The cost per queen is $35 plus UPS overnight shipping charges.

Canadian Buckfast Queens – I also raise open-mated daughters from Bill Ferguson’s Canadian Buckfast queens. The price is $35 plus UPS overnight shipping charges.

Palmer Queens – Finally, I again have open-mated daughter queens from Michael Palmer’s queens. Their overwintering skills and quick build-up in the Spring are legendary! The price is $35 plus UPS overnight shipping.

I don’t know how much shipping will cost you. Perhaps you can find an estimator on the UPS website. I ship from 25701. For other shipping and payment information, please click here

In the Spring, I sell 4 frame nucs with Mountain Queen $175 BEE SURE to get on the list as early as possible because I’m usually completely booked by late January. THANK YOU!




This is Lisa G. I had the opportunity to purchase Ankle biter queens from you last year. I am extremely pleased with the results. My first Varroa test of 2017 was 0 mites per 300 bees using an alcohol wash. How does that happen? 🙂

I am writing today to get on your waiting list for 2 more ankle biter queens. I understand that what you have on hand now are spoken for but I’m not in a hurry. As I noted above mine are doing fine, I just want to keep it that way. My goal is get more of the ankle biter genes into the general bee population.

I appreciate everything you are doing to fight the Varroa invasion.

Lisa G.

Hi Dan,

Just wanted to let you know the girls came through winter and our strange spring of warm for a month, then freezing, then warm again. The Purdue’s are going gang busters and I split it once (moved the queen out so I don’t lose her) and I think I’m going to need to do a second split on them. The Mountain bees are good too.

Best regards,
Amy M.