Jason Bragg
New River Honey Bees
377 Logwood Lane
Calvin, WV 26660

Phone: 304-767-2828
Email: jsnbrgg@gmail.com

Website URL:  http://www.newriverhoneybees.com


As of January 10th, 2018 we are SOLD OUT of 2018 nuc and queen pre-orders. Please check back often though, because orders might be opened back up from time to time as we make new stock.

Premium Northern Queens. Here at New River Honey Bees we carefully evaluate our breeder colonies and control crosses in our breeder lines via Instrumental Insemination in order to help produce the qualities we find most important in our stock. Some of those qualities include:

  • Prolific
  • Gentle Bees
  • Smaller Winter Clusters
  • Low Tendency to Swarm
  • Good Trachea Mite Tolerance
  • Good Hygienic Qualities
  • Good Honey Production
  • Winter Hardy

Queen lines that we keep include some of the following, but we are always searching and adding new lines to better the gene pool.

  • Premium Northern Queens
  • New River Queens v1
  • Purdue Ankle Biters (Carniolan Based)
  • Mite Maulers (Italian Based)
  • Caucasians (Old World Lineage – Rep. of Georgia)
  • Buckfast (Canadian / Denmark Lineage)
  • VSH Carniolans (JT Lineage)
  • VSH Carniolans (F1’s from Adam Finkelstein’s II VP Breeder Queens) – coming soon…
  • Premium Italian Queens
  • ‘Fat Bee Man’ Queens
  • VSH Italians (F1’s from Adam Finkelstein’s II VP Breeder Queens) – coming soon…
  • ‘Wooten’ Lineage Queens

Due to a lack of beekeepers in our immediate geographic location and strategically placed drone colonies, our production queens are open mated to drones from many of the lines mentioned above, providing a high percentage of genetic diversity. Some of which hasn’t been seen with a degree of purity in the US since the Honeybee Act of 1922.

For more information please visit our website at www.newriverhoneybees.com or give us a call or email.